Thursday, May 5, 2016

Too Many Tabs

If you're anything like me, when you are working at a computer you probably have at least 5 or more tabs open in your browser.  One for each of the websites you're using or are needing to look at.  I'll sit down to do something and then of that one thing I wanted to look up a week ago and open a tab for it.  Oh but hold on, there was that other item I wanted to look for on Amazon.  New tab.  While looking on Amazon I remember that I need to check on my kids' school websites.  New Tab.  Oh and I want to post a cute picture of some mice on the Faceboook wall of a friend who might be a little creeped out by them.  New tab.

Before you know it, you're literally doing about 10 things at once.  Then the phone rings and you close out of the browser.  And guess what?  You didn't finish ANYTHING you set out to because you gave about 8% of your attention and effort to all of the things, instead of 100% of your effort to one thing at a time.

Our minds can be like that too, with too many tabs open.  We worry about our kids, we think about that one time 10 years ago when we got away for the weekend with no kids at all.  We wonder if we bought cat food (because seriously, that cat will meow at ANYTHING and I always think he needs food).  Did I send my daughter a lunch?  Did I ever send in that $2 so she could go on the field trip?  Oh my gosh, it's almost time to shop for summer clothes.  I need to put a workout on my schedule.  Shorts are NOT going to be kind to me.  Do my friends think I'm an idiot?  Does the cashier at Walmart think I'm weird when I answer, "Yes, how about you?" when she asks me if I found everything ok today?  Did I seriously go all day with my eyeliner smudged halfway down my face?  What if my cat dies?  If I die, will my husband know how to pay the bills? 

All of those tabs open is EXHAUSTING, you guys.  Shut those tabs down.  Click the little X.  Open the God tab.  Spend time with Him.  Dive into His Word.  Lay your mind to rest and let Him do the worrying for once.  Ask Him for help with this crazy thing we call life.  He'll help, I swear it.

(In case you're wondering, no - I didn't buy cat food.  And yes, I'll need to go pick some up tomorrow.  He wants to eat EVERY SINGLE DAY!)

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