Friday, April 29, 2016

Welcome to My Corner!

I'm a firm believer in the fact that everyone needs a corner. Sometimes you need  a corner of the world to call your own, where you can be you.  Sometimes you need a corner to take a dang rest in and collect yourself.

This is my corner of the world.

I'm Colleen.  I'm 40 (what a BIG deal 40 is, ladies.  I'm not even kidding).  I've been married for 17.5 years, which sometimes feels like 1 year and sometimes feels like 100.  I have two amazingly head-strong, bright, funny, caring and compassionate daughters who both delight me and drive me crazy.  I have a 10 year old cat  named Conway who joined our family 3 years ago.  He thinks he's a dog.

And I'm a Christian.

I'll get into my testimony in a different post, but when I say I'm a Christian that both excites and terrifies people.  For me, saying I'm a Christian is as intricately detailed and infinitely simple as this: I have accepted Jesus as my Savior, I believe that He died so we may live, I have invited Jesus into my heart and vowed to follow Him and grow my relationship with Him.

I am also an emerging Christian.  What does THAT mean?  It means it's all relatively new to me.  I was baptized just a little over 2 months ago.  I'm still learning and finding my way.

Join me so I'm not feeling so all alone on this, will you?  I'll tell you stories, I'll share my feelings, I'll share my frustrations and triumphs, questions, concerns, and praise....and I'm hoping that at some point, you'll share yours with me, too.

If anyone else is here reading this  - let me know who you are!  What season of life are you in?  More posts to come!  Thank you for reading!

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